Terms and Conditions

TravelsNTravels is one of the most promising travel service providers of India that only take care of the client requirements but also continue a perfect balance between personal and professional relationship with them. For more transparency, there are some terms and conditions which have to be followed.

Arrangement between users and TravelsNTravels

When user use our websites, for example when they are accessing or browsing or booking tickets, they have to obey certain terms and conditions. If these rules are violated, TravelsNTravels and its subsidiaries may reserve all the rights and may take some legal action against those people.

Prices on the Website:

The prices, which are offered by travelsntravels.com, usually contain accommodation charges, taxes and in rare case some meals (Breakfast /Lunch / Dinner). It never includes any personal expense or other extra charges like phone calls, personal-man services, entry fees of any memorials and bar charges, etc.

Alteration and Termination policy

We help you in making different changes for bookings. In few cases, you have to contact the aircraft straightforwardly. Correction charges on travelsntravels.com are subject to change as per the policy of the airline, which varies because of flight timings and booking class. Apart from the flight's revision charges, we don't charge anything additional as alteration expenses. (That is to say, you just need to pay the fare difference and other charges demanded by the airlines, nothing additional to us) You can likewise do the corrections by specifically calling to the Airline's Call Center. For any alteration in flight tickets, you can contact our customer care number +1-800-886-9007 . In case of cancelation, different charges are implementable depending up the services. Cancelation charges of the flight tickets may fluctuate according to the policies of the airlines. In case of special offers or discounted airfare, fares are non-refundable.

Payment Policy Acceptance:

Third Party and International Credit & Debit Cards Payment

In case you are using an International Debit Card or Credit while purchasing Air Tickets for personal journey, or for somebody else, you need to have some specific documents for processing passenger E-Tickets. Documents required for the same have been mentioned below.


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